Exchange I

by Erin

Kalina and I approached the first part of our collaboration with an intense artist residency of sorts. We met in my studio every morning for a couple of weeks at the beginning of summer and spent a number of hours together before splitting off to tend our individual studio work (or jobs) in the afternoon.

table view of collaborationAt first, although we knew we wished to make work together, we weren’t certain of what form our artwork would take, or even the direction we should follow. Rather than defining a specific goal in the beginning, we approached the first weeks with a batch of small works on paper no larger than 8 x 11″  which we exchanged back and forth across the table. We each brought material remnants and supplies from our studio practices and pulled traces of them into the conversation as we gained momentum. These small works allowed us to be spontaneous and develop a visual vocabulary very quickly. The process might be said to be akin to chatting back and forth over coffee, and indeed many of our early mornings were fortified with coffee and scones.