Exchange II

by Erin

A rhythm developed

kalina: a spray of paint over a paper cut

erin: a print of thread

k: a particular mark made with a brush

e: a drawing of a ball of twine fished from below my studio table

k: a line of beads painted in

e: a smudge of white

a graphite splash

a prismacolor line repeated across the page

tracing paper softening the layers beneath

on and on

Through this process, a kind of game developed. Visual challenges arose that we would never have created for ourselves individually: How do you respond to a saturated chromatic language when monochrome tends to be your vocabulary? or cope with a faint printed line when boldness is needed in this area?Our visual motifs and the language of abstraction combined in surprising ways. Beads twined with strands of strings. Cut paper contrasted with washes of ink. A void spurt forth objects and marks to consider.

We began approaching the same things in different ways, remaking and merging the motifs of our collaborator.