Upcoming Show

by Erin

Plying Thoughts presents both individual and collaborative artworks by Erin Curry and Kalina Winska. They began working together this past summer based on a kinship between their art practices and personalities. The title of the show refers to the dialogue between them and how the connection manifests itself in collaboration.

In the show, Kalina and Erin also present themselves as two distinct personalities with independent artistic visions through their individual works.

Erin Curry currently lives and works in Gainesville, FL. Her recent work revolves around handspinning raw chaotic fiber into orderly line and shaping ordered line into tangled or woven mass. The thread preserved within the work, either as the object itself or the record of it, functions as a gesture of archetypal human creation as well as shorthand for spun stories of personal narrative, highlighting our complex, often ineffable, relationship to the world around us. She received her BFA in Sculpture at the University of Florida. For more information, please visit the artist’s website at www.erincurry.com.

Kalina Winska, artist from Poland and currently an MFA student in Drawing/Painting Program at University of Florida, creates large-scale drawings and installations. In her art she draws upon loss and the threshold of displacement. Interpreting this liminal state through the transformation of materials, objects, and familiar images that often come from personal memory and Polish Folklore, lies at the core of her studio practice. For more information, please visit the artist’s website at www.kalinawinska.com.